The Leprechaun Cake

I hate to admit it, but at 10:30, the night before her fifth birthday, my little Ruby Girl was “pinning” things on Pinterest with me.  For all of you “tsk-ing” about a four-year-old up at 10:30 on a Thursday night, cork it.  We do our best work late at night.  Any who, call it the luck o’ the Irish, but Ruby found the most impressive, must have it, throw a hot potato fit if I don’t, cake.  Something called a “Leprechaun Trap”.  Now I am a woman of myriad talents…but cake making has never been my forte.  I took one look at this ridiculously green, perfectly iced nightmare and immediately back-pedaled.  “Didn’t you say you wanted an ice cream cake?  Something shaped like a duck?  I’m sure you would would really enjoy a different cake!”  I was mortified just looking at the frosting.  Scroll down on this magnificent (read: block from your browser before you are forced to try something that will cause you to break out in hives) blog, and holy horror of horrors, it is actually a rainbow inside, upon cutting it. No, not just layers of color, but an actual, arched rainbow of SEVEN fruity colors.  I gasped.  How on earth would a mere mortal accomplish such a feat?  My mind was racing.  “We don’t have that much food coloring!”  I desperately blurted out.  I was no match.  She wanted THAT cake!  It was that cake or nothing.  It was that cake or a late night tantrum.  No other cake would do.  Dear Lord, baby Jesus, help me.

So the big day rolls around.  I thought about faking cholera.  I dragged my feet and surfed the web.  And then I remembered that I have been a Cub Master, a Girl Scout leader and a full fledged Wood Badge (SR-682) graduate.  I began humming the tune “Can a woman be a lawyer?  Yes, she can, yes she can!  Can a woman fix an engine?  Yes, she can, yes she can!  Can a woman be a drummer?  Can a woman be a plumber?  Can she play ball in the summer?  Yes, she can, yes she can!”  I felt empowered.  It was short lived.

This blog has moved!  For further information including recipe and instructions on how to make this rainbow cake, please visit

6 thoughts on “The Leprechaun Cake

  1. Look at you go! I knew you could do it! The look on Ruby’s face says you succeeded. Isn’t it wonderful the way kids see things? Even though it wasn’t just like the picture it was just right for her.

    • Kerri, it was your comment on my Facebook that inspired me to attempt it! I have seen your cake work and I am still in awe! That hamburger cake? Good grief, if Ruby were to see that…I’d be in big trouble!

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