Welcome to my blog, a blog that is mostly about family. My zany, crazy, rurally outrageous clan. Together, we live in a one-hundred-year-old farmhouse that purges itself of a light, window or wall fixture every time one of my three children slams a door. No joke.

Facebook is actually what led me to blog – I found that I was posting all sorts of anecdotes on my FB page but I was frustrated when I couldn’t share the story. For example, making crème brulee and having my four-year-old tantrum and yell “I just want one more clam ballet!” after she had been cut off. This deserved more of a story. Or the family pet pig. She’s worthy of more than a status update here-and-there. So I started to keep track of the stories and the recipes and the disasters. And I started to research blogging as a creative outlet and way to share stories and projects with our extended family that lives thousands of miles away. And here we are.

I hope you’ll check in periodically. Between replacing window panes, door knobs and light fixtures, I’ll be writing and updating. Maybe I’ll get the opportunity to throw in a blurb about cooking, crafting or a photography project as well!


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