Posted in January 2012

It’s So Good You’ll Wanna Slap Someone!

About six years ago, around Christmas time, we gave our middle child’s kindergarten assistant a gift of Lindor Truffles.  Mrs. Brown (or “Foxy Brown” as the kids called her.  No lie.) stopped us one day, not long after, and excitedly declared they were the best truffles she had ever tried.  “They’re so good, you wanna … Continue reading

Caramel In a Can

Poking around the internet, this idea may be as old as the hills, but I keep coming across it lately.  Making caramel in a can.  Pinterest has it pinned in excess of twenty ga-jillion times (yes, that is a number), so there must be something to it.  I read several different accounts regarding how to … Continue reading

The Leprechaun Cake

I hate to admit it, but at 10:30, the night before her fifth birthday, my little Ruby Girl was “pinning” things on Pinterest with me.  For all of you “tsk-ing” about a four-year-old up at 10:30 on a Thursday night, cork it.  We do our best work late at night.  Any who, call it the … Continue reading

Brownies and Football

The Superbowl is just around the corner.  And while NONE of the teams that I was pulling for will be playing, it’s still a great excuse for a get-together the first Sunday in February.  And I confess, I have been running a small test kitchen all month in anticipation.  One of my football “experiments”, if … Continue reading

Pinterest and Football

So, I’m addicted to Pinterest.  It’s worse than Facebook and far more time consuming (as if that’s possible).  But in the interest of keeping my family happy and keeping my addiction under wraps, I reference it non-stop under the guise “I need ideas for” (fill-in-the-blank with: class party, handmade gift, dinner inspiration, blah, blah, blah…) … Continue reading