Teacher Appreciation

I’m not going to lie to you.  I am not the world’s best parent.  There, I said it.  And now that I did, I will share with you the special appreciation that I have for (most of) my children’s teachers.  See, there’s a reason I don’t homeschool.  I need a break from these people that interrupt my sleep on a nightly basis and hog the bathroom.  (Try living in a one-hundred year old farm house with ONE bathroom and five people.  The next time you think about complaining, think about that.)  These three children of mine also need breaks from one another.  So they go to school and get away from home each day.  They socialize and take a break from their sibling bickering  rivalries.  And that reminds me of how I have a deep seated affection for almost every one of my children’s teachers.  You parents out there that have school age children, you know what I mean by “almost every one”.  We’ve all had the teacher that we wanted to pinch on a regular basis, but gritted out teeth and faked our smiles and prayed for them to take an early retirement.  Did I just say that?  So back to my story…we have one particular teacher this year that is a repeat standout.  My daughter had her in the third grade and was fortunate enough to get her again in the sixth.  This teacher is also a mother of three (expecting her fourth!) and therefore understands, better than most, what parents go through – sick days, forgotten lunches, uniforms that someone (surely not me!) did not get washed over the weekend.

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