Small Southern Towns

On the heels of my last blog, I feel that I should count our small town blessings, so-to-speak.  In a county that covers 954 square miles with a population of 58,000, you know it’s nothing but small whistle-stops.  Our particular municipality has one stop light.  No, I’m not kidding.  If you needed an inspiration for a country song, this would be it.  There’s no McDonalds, but we have two family owned restaurants and a greasy spoon diner.  Our 1A high school baseball team won the state championship last year and the county put up a bill board.  My generation remembers the school schedule being dictated by the tobacco harvest because all hands were needed on-deck.  To put it in perspective, that was less than twenty years ago.  There are no sidewalks here, but there are plenty of dirt roads.  Some people will still give you their phone number in four digits…because they know the first part will always be (910) 646.  In fact, whenever I give our phone number, I get the fish eye for always listing the area code first.  It’s kooky because the city I moved from had Starbuck’s drive-through’s on most corners.  The county I hail from has 1,931,249 people and most of the high school’s are 4A in size.  It’s been a culture shock, for sure.  We have a general store here in Hallsboro that has been in continuous operation since 1897. You can pick up a pack of batteries, a pound of steak (locally grown), parts for your tractor, or garden seed sold out of bulk bins.  The two story brick building still has it’s original hard wood floors and I think some of the original people are still working there.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

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