Off Topic

It’s off-topic.  Of this, I am well aware.  But it has been haunting me.  And my significant other said that blogging should be from the heart, as much as anything.

I’ll start with the Blind Side.  If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll understand what I mean when I say that we would all like to be able to step-up and do what Sandra Bullock’s character, Leigh Anne Tuohy did:  take in a child that needs a home, stability, a place to lay their head.  But although most of us could spare a sofa for a few nights, few of us are able to provide a full-time tutor or a car at sixteen, much less a college education for a child we barely know.  It’s the stuff that movies are made of.  That being said, how far should we go when we know there is a child, living within our community that is stealing school uniforms to have something to wear each day?  A child that bounces from house-to-house until the welcome is worn out at each location and he’s running short of options.  What price could a community ultimately pay, ignoring their own blind side?

Last Thursday, an email popped up in my news feed indicating that three local teens had been arrested for the robbery and murder of a man that lived less than three miles from our home.  The murder had taken place three weeks earlier and, to my knowledge, there had been no leads.  I was shocked and horrified to see the names and mug shots of three children ages 16 – 18 that I not only knew, but in one case, I knew pretty well.

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3 thoughts on “Off Topic

  1. That is heartbreaking. It is so hard to think over all the would have, could have, should haves in a situation like that. I think we all do our best from day to day and try to give others their space and privacy to do the same. Sometimes that may be why we don’t get as involved in situations that don’t seem right. The best we can do after the fact is learn the lesson and hopefully be more aware the next time something seems out of place.

  2. Crystal, you tried but it wasn’t you that failed it was his parents! Hold your head high and know that you did try and you can’t change a person no matter how hard you try! Give yourself a break!

  3. A huge pat your your back…and the back of your family….and a ig hug!! Such a sweet yet sad story…..Thank you for trying!!! Thank you for caring!! My family has been caring for a young lady for long time now….such a sweet, smart girl….our bonus daughter!!

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