The Crock Pot Challenge

Here in the south, we are smack in the middle of baseball and softball season.  Dixie Youth, Cal Ripken, high school, middle school, Optimist, Little League, Rec League, USSSA, you name it, it’s in full swing.  And if your family is anything like ours, you are consuming your fair share of concession stand nachos, drive through dinners and delivery pizza.  Before gas skyrocketed to almost $4.00 a gallon in our area, we were actually budgeting for ball field dinners, knowing that we would not have time to cook whenever we finally got home in the evenings.  But then two things happened:  First, gas prices took a leap.  Second, my husband’s total cholesterol level jumped to almost 300.  Yeah.  300.  None of these numbers are good, that’s for sure.  Something definitely had to be done.

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