Dirt on the Ball Field

I was inspired to write this post after a recent evening at the ball field.  As a sports photographer and the mother of athletes, I have spent countless hours at athletic events; T-Ball, soccer, football, baseball, softball, cheerleading and even some time with track and field.  When  my youngest came along, it made for an eleven year age gap between she and my oldest.  And it made me more aware of things that maybe I hadn’t noticed before.

As I tote a now five-year-old from field to field, watching her older brother play, or when photographing local sports, it has become glaringly obvious that there are only two kinds of parents when it comes to the younger set.  There are those that allow play, and those that do not.  I’m not usually a “black & white” person, in fact, I have been called a “hippie”, an “earth biscuit” and an “overly permissive” parent when it comes to my children.  I seldom fire back or even acknowledge the thinly veiled judgments.  However.  In the hopes that just one person will read this and recognize themselves, and maybe make a change, I will put it out there.

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