Baseball Moms

Having photographed youth sports for a few years now, I’ve discovered two truths that are self evident.  One:  baseball moms are crazy.  Two:  cheerleading moms are crazier (more on that another time).  I am, in fact, a baseball (and a cheerleading) mom.  But when you’re photographing games, and have been given field and dugout access, you are not allowed to say much.  You have to rein-in your inner ballpark mom-ness.  Just imagine some photographer/mom standing  behind the third base coach screaming “RUN, RUN”, while trying to get some good shots.  You’d lose your field privileges pretty fast, letting that inner mom loose on the field…but any who.  As a photographer, you hear things in the dugout and from along the fence line.  Good tips on new restaurants from the fence sitters, fascinating gossip about the team mom dating a dad from the other side…but I digress.  You also get a good idea of what the kids really like.  Cupcakes brought in by so-and-so’s mom, the bucket of sunflower seeds donated by another mother, you get the picture.

You can spot a good baseball mom from twenty paces – she has a large handbag, found online that is handcrafted in team colors, covered in bats and pennants.  Invariably, she is sporting some form of theme jewelry, usually earrings or a necklace, sometimes a bracelet too.  Something you’ve never seen on a childless person or a soccer mom.  They’re a special breed, this baseball mom.  When the ball is in play, she is screaming and beating on the fence while attempting to force runners out with sheer lung power.

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2 thoughts on “Baseball Moms

  1. ok, im not sure what about this made me cry, but i am sorry to say it did!!! i guess it is the realization that one day, in the not to distant future i wont be able to scream from the fence and cheer Chase on as he rounds second.. that is the saddest thought possible!!!!! Great Blog Crystal!!! love it!

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