Candied Popcorn For Big Kids!

I do not like candied popcorn.  It’s weird to me.  Sort of like those popcorn flavored jelly beans – leaves me wanting to say “one or the other, popcorn or candy, not both”.  So when my daughter’s teacher would ask anyone heading to Wilmington to stop at Vic’s and get colored, candied popcorn, for various class parties, I would always silently say to myself “ewe, why”?  Must be a kid thing, I thought.

Here’s the thing, we live in the rural south, in a farming community an hour from Myrtle Beach, S.C., and an hour away from Wilmington, N.C., meaning that any time there is an errand to be run (or candied popcorn to be nabbed), by anyone, either direction, you don’t volunteer unless you can cluster 40 billion other “errands” around it.  And dear reader, unless you ride the bus everywhere, I know you’re feeling that gas pinch too!  So when I came across a recipe for candied popcorn, I automatically thought “Hey!  One less thing to run to Wilmington for”!

This blog has moved!  Please visit for the recipe and instructions!


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