My Cricut Valentine

The other day I was putting together a Valentine tote full of classroom decorations for my child’s teacher.  I realized that many decorations could be cut-out, or made with my Cricut Expression, so I began going through all of my cartridges for ideas.  What really struck me is how many cartridges contain images that could be used for Valentine decorations (classroom, party, or otherwise) – cartridges that I wouldn’t have reached for, normally.  In my library of all things Cricut (that I have been collecting since the Personal Cutter first came out in 2006), there are currently 31 cartridges.  So I challenged myself to make a Valentine themed decoration from every cartridge that I own, and catalog them here.  It was a stretch using the Christmas and baseball themes, but it can be done!  With a little ingenuity, you too can make Valentine decorations using any one of the following cartridges.  Hold on to your hats!

From the “All Mixed Up”  cartridge

This blog has moved!  Please visit for more ideas, pictures, links and information on this project!


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