Jell-o Soap

No, that’s not a typo.  My Ruby Girl and I made soap out of grape Jell-o.  No, not just a bowl of Jell-o taken into the tub and used like soap; there’s a bit more to it than that.

If you are related to anyone between “tween” and college age, you have heard of Lush bath products.  If you haven’t, you either need to get out more often, or you need to peruse the ginormous stash of personal hygiene items that anyone in this age group amasses.  It’s bewildering.  But anyway…  Lush makes something called “Jelly Soap” that appeals greatly to the aforementioned group of people.  And if you are fortunate enough to live reasonably close to a Lush retailer, you may have even tried “Jelly Soap”.  But alas, we live in rural North Carolina, 129 miles away from the one and only Lush store in the state, so we improvised and made our own.

Before I get to the the nuts and bolts, know that there are a ton of recipes for “Jelly Soap” or “Jell-o Soap” out there.  Any one of them is surely wonderful.  I do not live within an hours drive of a soap making supply store, and I’m far to impatient for internet supply shopping.  So I wanted to make this with items that were either on-hand or easily accessible.  I also wanted my five-year-old to actively help.  So here’s what we pieced together to make our own version of “Jelly Soap”, or as we have been calling it, “Jell-o Soap”

This blog has moved!  Please visit for instructions, recipe and more pictures from this project!


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